Meeting George Lamson Jr.

Our first meeting with George Lamson Jr. in the Fall of 2010. The lone survivor of Galaxy flight 203 that crashed upon takeoff on January 21, 1985 opened up his life, experiences and hopes to us upon our first meeting. Ky and George met for the first time in a diner just up the road from his fated flight in suburban Reno. And the journey begins…

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  1. Michael May 18, 2012 4:44 pm

    You are honest, brave, and unselfish to share so much of yourself. I hope that the experience has been liberating. Thank you! I look forward to viewing the documentary.

  2. Doug June 30, 2012 5:54 am

    I was there that horrible morning, loaded you dad onto Care Flight. Always wondered what had become of you.

    • Yeni September 27, 2012 2:18 am

      Willow To the little girl with the plpure nail polish ..I, remember this all so well and the local news of a survivor with little plpure nails. The newscasters were looking for her family. Yes, we were glued to the tv however, I had to commute in for a trip to Tokyo. However, the Lumpkin family and grandparents came forward to claim more than a angel. Wings, are something that I always wanted however, I had to study for them.Cecelia, if you are reading this I am the lady that went to Tokyo a day later and flew over the sight. Tears, heartbreak and an image that reminds me of that day that changed all of our lives. I, am so happy for you and look forward to celebrate your life and words as you are a comfort to the people that knew you were with their loved one’s when they lost their lives.I, hope you received your gift basket from Tokyo and I bought you some fun things and sent them to your mailing address that was published for well-wishers and prayer warriors. Your grandparents sent me a lovely photo and scripture card, as they updated your condition, requests for prayer and most of all you were loved. Reading, all the e-mails from a nation has me in tears.Finally, after 25 years.. I, can tell you.. when I sent the gifts they were bought on my 2 day layover in Tokyo. However, I did not tell your grandparent’s what I did. You see I earned my wing’s at Northwest Orient. Airlines as a flight attendant. Yes, I am almost 60 years old now.. and have kept that Christmas note from your family with your picture etched. I, am still flying and my co-workers also perished however, I was a single mom and had to work and blessed enough to get a set of wings.Much Blessing and Love from someone who pray’s for you comes to mind. Your, grandparents, shared on a scripture from Phillipians. Please let your family know that this is little white card is.. my most cherished keepsake, as, I head to retirement and clip my wings Thank you, Ohiolady


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