Tom Clayton

Director of Photography

Throughout six years of professional experience, Tom has been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects including documentaries, commercials,  music videos, and feature films, in both the camera and lighting departments. These jobs have ranged over fourteen countries on five continents and some of Tom’s most challenging assignments include: filming from a hot air balloon over Turkey, a dugout canoe in the swamps of Sudan, the back of a dogsled team in Canada, and speeding through the crowded streets of Pakistan on a motorized rickshaw.

Documentary work in particular is a constant source of inspiration for Tom.  Tom specializes in work that involves humanitarian causes and wildlife or anthropological subjects and has tried to develop a set of skills which supplements working in remote places or difficult environments. Professionally, he prides himself on being reliable, dedicated, passionate, and having the ability to blend creativity with an eye for detail. In addition to Steadicam operation and aerial photography experience, Tom has location experience in the following countries: Japan, India, France, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Kenya, Sudan, Pakistan, and Peru.