Amy McIntyre


Amy’s early love of theater and study of it, in tandem with communications at Saint Mary’s College, foreshadowed her career reaching audiences with a range of film-related pursuits. Amy has been producing commercials in Chicago for fifteen years. She has had the opportunity to produce many projects for top-tier clients including Pantene, Revlon, McDonald’s, Coors and P&G. Initially having been introduced to the craft in post-production, her work has evolved as she has taken on producing jobs in animation and efx in both Chicago and New York. She got a taste of producing for independent film with her work on “Range Life”, directed by former Blue Meanies punk band drummer Robert Trondson. That paved the way for her to continue in her love of independent film making as one of the producers on “Sole Survivor”. She currently exercises a balance of the creative and practical, working as one of the senior producers for MK Films Group in Chicago. She contributes to creative development and manages the bidding and negotiating of projects for MK Films Group’s five directors working in live-action and tabletop realms.


Other past affiliations include Avenue Edit, Peter Elliott Productions, Big Deahl Productions and MTV.  She has also enjoyed contributing her skills to past productions of the annual fundraising film for Off the Street Club.


When not producing commercials and films, she is focusing on her biggest production project to date: keeping up with the exciting and unpredictable lives of her two young children.